Narok Water & Sewerage Services Company


Our vision:

To Establish financially independent , effective and efficient water and sewerage services provider for all.

Our Mission:

To provide stable and sustainable water and sewerage services to the people of Narok County and contribute to social, Economic development.

The water supply was started way back during the colonial era (1940’s). It has Three full conventional treatment units of capacity 17m3 per hour, 23m3 per hour and 32m3 per hour with a total capacity of 104m3 per hour.

The current water supply coverage is about 34% of the area. NARWASSCO operates approximately 7,000connections but continues connecting more residents with time. NARWASSCO faces a big challenge in the provision of sewer services although it is projected that the current ongoing sewer system construction is expected to be finished by the year 2021 and therefor NARWASSCO will be handed over the project and it will be able to provide the services. NARWASSCO currently uses exhausters to serve its clientele.

It is the only Water Service Provider in Narok County which is mandated to provide Clean and Safe Drinking water and sanitation services on behalf of the County Government.

It is mandated to provide the services through a License issued by WASREB (Water Service Regulatory Board) through the county Government of Narok.

It is under the jurisdiction of Rift Valley-Water Works Development Agency (R-WWDA) which is mandated to undertake the development, maintenance and management of the national public water works within it's area of jurisdiction, provide technical services to WSP's or County Government on request.

NARWASSCO is mandated also to Provide Technical and Management Support to Community (Rural) water Projects in its jurisdiction as defined by the license, to ensure sustainability.

It is headed by a Managing Director who is the secretary to the company's Board of directors. There are 8 Board of Directors which are appointed by the Governor on merit basis.

The Managing Director's Mandate is to manage the company's day to day activities as an EIA holder. The company has Three major departments which include, Commercial department headed by a Commercial Manager ,Technical Department headed by a Technical Manager and Human Resource and administration department headed by Human Resource Manager.

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Brief Explanation of NARWASSCO and the services it Provides During Construction of the New pipe network and NWTP

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